About Us

Luminaesouter is founded to share information on tech updates and other stuff with our users in a way which provides them with the information which is easy to interpret and convey so that everyone can understand and apply. It’s for the tech savvy audience who can gain insights to various tech trends, share their thoughts and opinions as well.

What you can expect from All Info Updates?

  • The Categories we cover here at All Info Updates are –
  • Technology – Gadgets, Apps, Reviews, Tips and How-to’s
  • Fashion – Makeup, trends.
  • Lifestyle – Health and Fitness, Food, Relationships, Career, Self-Improvement, Travel
  • Bizarre – Events, Interviews, Photography, Wallpapers

All Info Updates also provides information on all new software’s, apps & games and how to use them properly on your devices

Who Manage This Blog?

is the founder of this blog and manages this blog.